Herne Hill CBL flat viewing. Injury.


?? April 2011.  Received tel. message from Lambeth Re: viewing on property on @@ April 2011

¢¢ April 2011. Received text from Lambeth confirming viewing on @@ April 2011.

@@ April 2011.  Received tel. message from Lambeth to say that the viewing had been cancelled.

&& April 2011.  Received call from Lambeth Re: viewing on property %%April

%% April 2011.  Attended viewing at property.

There was not a Housing Officer present at the property. After waiting about 20 mins. another person who was there to view the property said that he had earlier seen someone from Lambeth close by, and would go and speak with him. He returned with the Lambeth officer who said that the property was part of his patch, but he had not been informed about the viewing and would go to the Housing Office, to get the keys for the property plus the paperwork.

He returned later with the keys and paperwork. On opening the door to the property, the Housing Officer said that he could see that the property was the same as when he last went in there, 1 year ago with the Police, to evict squatters.

The Housing Officer took us into the property along with the other two people who were there for the viewing. The entire place was littered with decaying rubbish, dried up, rotten food, old mattresses and broken glass over the floor. There was graffiti and dried blood over the walls.

The Housing Officer made several phone calls to his office and explained the situation. He eventually said that he had been informed over the phone that the property would be brought up to the Decent Homes Standard. He said that we would be able to get a decorating allowance if we accepted the property.
The Housing Officer informed us that we were no.2 on the bidding list and was quite pushy in asking if we wanted to accept the property. We informed him that we did not wish to accept the property.

After leaving the property I found that I had splinters of glass embedded in the bottom of my right foot, which was bleeding.