The ‘Shortlife’ Petition. Some of the comments. Sign

Lambeth United got the petition started yesterday and there are already more than a hundred signatures – great stuff!

If you’ve not already done so, please sign it here – PETITION

The comments are interesting, incisive and, on occasion, tear-jerking (but the bullett-pointing is all over the place).  Here are some of the things people are saying:

  • Trying to uproot old people for financial gain is disgusting and immoral.

    Co-operative communities are one of the only stable things left around here… all other locals have been pushed out to the suburbs.

  • Maritza has lived in that home for years, she has maintained and restored it into a home from nothing. If you want good tenants who look after property and add value to the community then you need look no further than this woman. To move her now would be like taking away all she has worked for.

  • This action will remove a significant amount of the people that generate the cultural capital is a unique selling point for Lambeth. Over time the negative economic impact of this loss will greatly outweigh the short term gain from the sale to mostly foreign property investors who maximise profit from short term community damaging lets.

  • a keeper of social justice and equality

  • Friends in Shortlife Housing who face eviction

  • it is important to everybody!

  • This council are doing things that would make even a tory blush!

  • why stop something that works so well for so many people – we need more co-operative communities , custoduians of our presious housing stock ,helping people live well, stop the evictions –

  • My friend has a live/work space for over 30 years

  • Lived in house for 35 years, my sons was born here and we have no rights to stay or buy at reduced price like council tenants. All due to a convenient licence scheme that kept property in good condition and enabled the Council to get grants to improve the housing stock and then take it back to sell to anyone. 35 years of loving and living in it and I have no right to stay. Justice is alive and well if you are in the one in Authority!

  • Developers just see sites as profit. Lambeth is prioritising money over a strong community that has given this area a unique place in London when times were difficult, leading with values of multiculturalism and ecological soundness and low impact living before these things were considered in policy making. Housing has been left unimproved & neglected. Now there is a marketing buzz about Brixton, a community that kept faith in the area is given lower priority than profit for developers.

  • Because when people are uprooted from their homes & communities the stress caused is very destructive to them, their families & those they care for.

  • These are homes not equity. Lambeth’s mismanagement led to a criminal deficit in its housing revenue account which is why they are selling these homes and other long-cycle voids that they failed to upkeep. All at a time of rocketing homelessness. Lambeth – ‘the co-operative council’ lol, should be enabling co-ops not destroying them. Permanent housing co-ops are willing to take these homes into management but Lambeth insist on market value, which means £500K for a dilapidated house in central Brixton! Even the large Housing Associations can’t buy at these prices. Communities destroyed and more profit for wealthy developers and sharks (ie private landlords). Brixton is filling with young professionals sharing homes in multiple occupation – they are the only ones who can afford to live here – families are forced out. Shame on you Lambeth.

  • Home is where the Heart is. Lambeth are ripping the Heart and spirit out of their community. Rethink your policies and politics Lib Peck. Lambeth will probably make very little money out of pushing people out of their homes as they want to make a fast buck. They will be spending quite a lot of Public money. I don’t wish a portion of my community charge or other taxes to be used for these evictions in ‘co-operative Lambeth.’

  • I was a founder member and tenant of one of the Lambeth co ops and the experience was one of the best -and hardest-of my life. We knew our neighbours and they were happy to see the properties cared-for and lived-in at a time when London was full of empty, crumbling houses. We worked really hard to bring our houses back to a liveable standard and even harder to educate ourselves about the rules for co operatives, writing and re-writing housing policy, attending meetings of epic length with the Council and other organisations-to keep together the communities that had formed as a result. Some of us raised our kids in these houses, some of us studied and eventually graduated, some found jobs, some didn’t-in other words, the co op sustained us by giving us homes and allowing us London is becoming so polarised by gentrification, strangers living next door to strangers. Co ops are a great way to ensure a mix of social class, ethnic groups and cultures and a springboard to an active community. Count me in!

  • It seems mad to make people unecessarily homeless and leave buildings in the centre of our community empty as a result.

  • To stop friends who have spent a lot of time and money in their homes, where families are settled and secured being wrongly evicted, the upheaval could be detrimental!

  • Councils should work with cooperatives that have lived sustainably over such a long time. Incorporating existing cooperatives into existing systems so that as many people as possible are not made homeless is surely preferable.

  • Absolute belief in the importance of co-operative communities

  • Leave the people alone!!! Enough with the greediness and the purges happening all over London! 😦

  • I believe Lambeth Council are acting unfairly.

  • Former resident of Lillieshall Road, disgusted by council’s tactics and actions.

  • I have lived in this house for over 30 years. I don’t want my community to be ruined.

  • This is a hypocritical and non-sensical policy which lambeth Council should be ashamed of.

  • I lived in Lansdowne Way from 1979 to 1981 and just adored it. There is an entire community of former residents who support short life housing co-op.s and recognise their long terms benefits for residents and the local community.

  • Why trash what works? The Housing Co-Ops add to the community in Lambeth


  • There has to be another way of doing this without turfing people out of their homes, this has been the most stressful,damaging and depressing process. Leading to long term health impacts for those who have to leave the homes they carefully restored , lived in and loved. I hope the council don’t treat anyone else the way I was treated and others I know.

    •  This is not the way to deal with the social housing crisis in Lambeth. Putting resources into bringing back empty homes for social housing would be better.
    • I don’t want my family, neighbors and friends to be forced from the homes they have looked after for decades.

    • It’s affecting people I know.

    • I want all sorts of people to live in Lambeth and I don’t think it’s fair to kick people out of homes they’ve been in for years and out of their communities.

    • Lambeth Council are ruining peoples’ lives in order for short-term financial gain, and given their record of NOT realising decent value for the assets they sell off, they can’t be trusted to even realise a decent price.

    • These are people’s homes and communities that Lambeth Council are busy destroying. They should start by collecting the £41 million in unpaid council tax rather than evicting people who have repaired and maintained their homes for the last 30+ years, at not a penny cost to the council.

    • It must surely be possible to achieve a better outcome by negotiation than by confrontation

    • I am a long-term Brixton resident – these are the people who stuck with Brixton over the last 40 years. Kick these people out and Brixton loses another slice of its soul.

    • evicting shortlife housing co-ops is strangling the space that London once afforded artists musicians and other low paid workers to live creatively

    • Because life and housing should not be about profit. Decent, affordable housing is a human right.

    • People should have an alternative to property owning or being at the mercy of landlords especially now that squatting is no longer an option.

    • Short life consists of some of the best, sustainable, valuable local communities there are to be found anywhere

    • Co-operative housing have ensured properties have been maintained, communities kept alive and provided affordable housing to many for years.

    • I lived in short-life in Southwark. To resolve this issue, sell the homes to a housing association and allow the tenants to remain.

    • because it affects the cohesion of my local community

    • I’m profoundly shocked by Lambeth Council’s determination to destroy communities and take away homes which people have maintained and prevented from becoming derelict over many decades.

    • The people who have lived in these properties have maintained them and made them their homes for years. It’s completely against ‘co-operative’ principles to now evict them because Lambeth can make a quick buck. This action will just rip the heart out of the community in and around Brixton.

    • These properties were saved from dereliction and loved by the community who care for and live in them. The residents ought be allowed to stay in their homes.

    • I have lived in short life for 29 years. We need more of our self-help communities – Not less! Short life makes so much sense and we have evolved into strong supportive groups with no or low crime and economical living. More common sense please and less meaningless bureaucracy.

    • I’ve lived in my home for 34 years, I know every nail in the floorboards, every knot in the skirtings, every wobble in the 180 year old panes of glass… I don’t want to move, I love my home.

    • I live in Brixton

    • I grew up in a short-life home, I remember my parents and neighbours rebuilding it, I remember helping my dad put central heating in, we love that house, it’s ours.