19 Lillieshall Road, SW4 0LN

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

19 Lillieshall Road



This is 19 Lillieshall Road, SW4 0LN.

Lambeth Council forced out the long-term housing co-operative residents and then sold the place. It was empty for more than a year before work started on it. We hear an overseas investor purchased it, sight unseen.

This is a grade 2 listed building, both the interior and exterior are supposed to be protected.

A few days ago,  fireplaces were seen being brought out of the house and being left in the street. Whilst  trying to find the site foreman, it was clear that reproduction fireplaces had been put into the house while the originals had been removed.

Lambeth Planning were contacted and messages left.

Yesterday, what looked like a length of wooden wainscotting was seen being taken out and chucked into the back of a van. From what some of the contractors working on the house have said, most of the original features, joinery etc have been removed, even though refurbishment was possible. Modern goods have replaced the Georgian items that have been taken out. We know that some of the cottages have had old wood panelling removed, only to be replaced by MDF.

This is common practise in Lillieshall Road at the moment. Lambeth Council ignores all complaints about the destruction being wrought on these listed buildings.

The buyers are only interested in the profits they can make by ripping the guts out of our homes. Lambeth Council seems only too happy to let them do it.