Resist Eviction this Wednesday 11am, Lilieshall Road, SW4 0LP

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Trace Newton is a 56 year old disabled woman, she has lived in one of the Lambeth Shortlife Housing Co-ops for more than 35 years.

Despite Trace not having any suitable re-housing to go to, Lambeth Council is evicting her this Wednesday, 22nd April at 11.40am. Lambeth Council is leaving her without anywhere to live.

Lambeth have offered re-housing but have ignored her disabilities and chronic ill-health, the re-housing is completely unsuitable.

How can Lambeth Council imagine that throwing a disabled woman out of the home she’s lived in for 35 years, is somehow in the public interest? It’s certainly not ‘cooperative’.

An appeal was applied for after losing the possession trial, but rather than respecting this, as many solicitors would, Lambeth’s solicitors forged ahead and got an eviction order. The appeal is still being processed.

The behaviour of Lambeth Council’s Housing Department, since 2009, has been malicious, vindictive and dishonest towards the borough’s Housing Co-ops. The eviction of Trace is just more of the same.

Please read and circulate Lambeth United Housing Co-op’s Press Release:

A loud and immovable Eviction Resistance has been called.

Lots of support is coming in from Lambeth United Housing Co-op; Lambeth Housing Activists; HASL (Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth) and Unite Community.
Members of the Raincoats, The Thompson Twins, The Slits and KLF will be here to stop the bailiffs, as will Maggi Hambling (a nationally treasured artist) and Kate Hoey (one of the few MPs who actually means what she says). Hopefully Gulnar Hasnain, the Vauxhall Green Party candidate; Jonathan Bartley Green candidate for Streatham and Scott Ainsley, Lambeth Green councillor will also be here, adding to the political outcry against Lambeth Council’s eviction of Housing Co-ops.

Please come if you can, send a message to Lambeth – Stop Evicting Ordinary People, Stop Evicting Housing Co-ops, Stop Selling Our Homes!

Meet at 11am on Wednesday 22nd April, Lillieshall Road, SW4 0LP.

Bring banners and voices.

All support appreciated. Please publicise as far and as wide as possible!

Please read and circulate Lambeth United Housing Co-op’s Press Release: