Lambeth Council imposes Bedroom tax on Living Room

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Lambeth Council have been trying to force Trace Newton, the woman they’re evicting next Wednesday, into an unsuitable flat in Barcombe Avenue, SW2 for almost 2 years. Read about this fiasco here.

Lambeth’s own Social Worker said that if she moved into the flat they want her to go to, Lambeth will have to, themselves, replace the care and support she gets from her friends and her partner/carer. Yeah, of course that’s going to work, not.

Her current home has 2 bedrooms, it’s necessary because nobody’s able to sleep otherwise, but Lambeth disputed it was needed.

When the Social Worker submitted her report, describing Trace as being in need of ‘substantial care’, Lambeth Council suddenly re-designated the 1 bed flat as a 2 bed flat, deciding that, now a 2nd bedroom was actually quite handy, a living room wasn’t necessary instead.

Along with the incredibly appearing 2nd bedroom comes ‘Bedroom Tax’, pretty nifty piece of work, seeing as it’s really a living room.

What we’d like to know is, are all the 1 bed flats in Leigham Court Estate being similarly re-designated? Or is Trace just plain lucky?!

So, is this a new policy at Lambeth, no living rooms = more bedrooms?