Nigel Haselden finally caught out telling porkies

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Oh yes! Finally! Clapham Town ward councillor, Nigel Haselden, has been pulled up for lying… by his arch nemesis Kate Hoey .

Nigel ‘The Cadaver’ Haselden hates Hoey, why? Simple, she’s not a liar, but he is.

Haselden lies to his constituents, lies to his friends and, really stupidly, lies to other members of his local Labour Party branch.

He’s taken it a step too far this time, he lied about Kate Hoey, in public, and he’s been caught out, in public.

Colleagues of mine attended a local Clapham Town branch meeting recently, and were shocked to repeatedly hear other members of the party telling Haselden to stop lying to them.

Why was Haselden reselected as a candidate in the local elections while Helen O’Malley, a popular, honest, trustworthy councillor was deselected by the Lambeth Forum, the group that decides these things? Nigel Haselden, along with Cllr  Christopher ‘The Grin’ Wellbelove, are two-faced Party line-toers, while O’Malley is a principled and honest person.

In Lambeth, this very dirty business in Clapham Town ward tells you all you need to know about how Lib Peck’s morally bankrupt Lambeth council works.