Lib Peck’s @LondonLabour article & censored comments

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Lib Peck speaks… the usual stuff about how challenging everything is but how wonderfully well Lambeth are doing on the housing front.

However, when Shortlife residents post valid comments in opposition to the council leader’s spin, the comments disappear… (w/fez) just like that!

Here’s the link to the article – and here are those disappeared comments…

This is was left by @IamTraceyNewton :

Lib Peck says “…Given the growing number of private renters in Lambeth, we are also committed to tackling the private rented sector, where rents and charges are soaring and rogue landlords are flourishing as demand grows…”
Lambeth council is currently turfing out housing co-ops that have existed for 30+ years (decimating stable working class communities in the process) and selling off well-built, structurally sound, easily maintained street properties to… investors involved in the private rented sector.
The affected residents have co-operatively worked to maintain their homes, at no cost to Lambeth council, since the early 1980s. Many residents are re-housed (often against their wishes, but they’re scared of being left with no roof over their heads) while some are actually being made homeless, which is utterly shameful.
One resident received a phone call, by mistake, from a large scale property developer whom Lambeth council was trying to sell the resident’s home to.
The same resident, a vulnerable person with major health problems, is now homeless and Lambeth’s Housing Department appears to have washed it’s hands of him.
Lambeth council is cynically fueling the very situation Lib Peck says she’s intent on dealing with, and that’s apart from Lib Peck and Lambeth’s refusal to openly discuss and negotiate with the Housing Co-ops who are being evicted… not really innovative, or ‘cooperative’.

and this comment was left by @LUHousingCoop –

Lib Peck’s so-called ‘co-operative’ council is waging a community purge against 40-year-old self-reliant, skill-swapping housing co-operatives. Their eviction programme means that social housing stock is being sold off and long-term co-op residents are put on the housing list, displacing others. No money is being spent on new housing breaking Labour’s own manifesto pledge. Many of the residents facing eviction are elderly and vulnerable, some have families who have grown up in these homes, some have been in their homes since the 1970s and are in their 70s! Residents have put forward a plan to keep the homes in a co-operative framework and prevent evictions, but Lambeth a doing their best to avoid a social housing settlement by any means necessary, from denying minutes of meetings to spinning the realities of the waiting list and refusing to answer questions. We have had advice and backing from various social housing experts and the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, plus from local MP Kate Hoey, and even support from Lambeth’s own co-op council commissioners: And what of our councillors? The self-same politicians who are now evicting us have said: “Your communities have given a welcome permanence and continuity to the area.” and… “We have reminded colleagues and officers that some of these homes would not be standing if it was not for the work of the people living in them.” and… “It would be senseless as well as expensive to evict people only to have to re-house them again.” and… “Labour will continue to fight for your right to stay in your home.” It is rank hypocrisy and what is going on in Lambeth is a scandal pure and simple, and a terrible reflection of Labour in action on housing. It is also and stain on the co-op aspirations of Lambeth Council which has shown itself and hypocritical and vindictive on this issue.