No CRB checks for Lambeth officers evicting vulnerable residents

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

“…I can confirm that employees working with
shortlife residents have not been DBS (that’s the new version of CRB) checked. This is because there is no
requirement for staff to be DBS checked as they do not have regular
contact and/or access to data on children and/or vulnerable adults….”


Spookily, at the same time that the FOI above was answered, we’ve just found out that a Shortlife Co-op resident with substantial mental health problems has been evicted by Lambeth Council.

The resident was not on the Choice Based Lettings scheme and didn’t get re-housed (contrary to the constant misinformation spewed out by Lib Peck and Peter Robbins).

So, we have a vulnerable adult, with mental health issues, dealt with by officers who are not cleared to work with vulnerable people.

This is not the first time that vulnerable Co-op residents have been crapped on by Lambeth Council in it’s unseemly haste to make a packet.

It reminds me of the autistic man, a long-term council tenant, who was evicted a few months ago. He didn’t understand why he was being thrown out of the house he’d lived in since he was a kid (it was because his direct debit hadn’t been updated, so the council weren’t getting the full amount of his recently raised rent). He then had to give up his job and move out of London.

Why aren’t these council officers vetted and trained?

Far from treating vulnerable residents with consideration or respect, Lambeth Council officers (definitely) seem to actively work to take advantage of the serious mental health issues suffered by vulnerable residents.

Read about Charmaine Lodge (another vulnerable person) and her eviction, here: and here: