Co-op Party dirty tricks?

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Way back last May, a serious complaint about some Lambeth Co-operative Party councilors was submitted to the Co-operative Party. Since then what’s happened? Very little, it seems.

Fobbed off with stuff like …not enough staff… and …the right people need to deal with it… the fact of the matter is that the complaint about Lib Peck, Peter Robbins and Steve Reed’s decimation of decades-old housing co-operatives in Lambeth (, hasn’t been dealt with at all. The Co-operative Party still seem to be trying to work out who should deal with it (i.e. who’s drawn the short straw?)

A couple of days ago the Co-operative Party sent out an email asking for members to put themselves forward to become part of the National Executive which is being changed in May…

Will our complaint be dealt with before the current incumbents no longer have to deal with a potentially extremely embarrassing situation, or are the Co-op Party just waiting to see whether they’ll luck out, waiting to see whether May’s local council elections will depose Lib Peck and Peter Robbins… so the Co-op Party won’t have to do anything controversial anyway?

Lambeth council is one of the Co-operative Party’s flagship ‘co-op councils’ and it’s rotten to the core… so how does the Co-op Party’s inaction re: Lambeth council reflect on the Co-op Party itself?