Dodgy politician looks to buy Co-op house after Lambeth council evicts residents

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Two Co-op houses in Lillieshall Road are currently up for sale, the Co-op residents were evicted a few weeks ago.

Both sets of residents had been in their homes for at least 34 years, neither household wanted to move, and especially didn’t want to move under threats of homelessness and financial bankruptcy… Unfortunately, Lambeth ( the cooperative council) have other ideas. Lambeth council’s idea of co-operation is to intimidate and coerce, essentially saying ‘move or we’ll impose tens of thousands of pounds of ‘occupation’ charges, and you’ll be homeless’… not much choice there then.

Spotted today, sizing up our homes – Chris Huhne, dodgy, pants-on-fire politician. Can’t wait till he moves in. Oh don’t be stupid, it’ll most likely be a buy-to-let jobbie, which is exactly what’s happened to the rest of our Co-op.

Dishonest? No integrity? Lack of any social conscience? Welcome to Lambeth! You’ll fit right in, mate.

In case of mistaken identity, sorry Mr Huhne (though, as per Lambeth council, don’t believe a word we say).