Lambeth council(l)ors – who do you trust?

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Pete Robbins, was deselected by grass-root members of the Larkhall Ward Labour group. They choose to have Adeline Aina (Black! female!) as their candidate for the next council elections.

Pete Robbins kicked up a stink and tried to get Aina’s election barred, this failed. There are suggestions that Robbins, or his supporters, used confidential material to try to undermine her.


Helen O’Malley, current local councilor for Clapham Town Ward. She has been deselected by Labour’s Campaign Forum, with no reference to Clapham Town Labour group.

The grass-roots Labour members have called for an urgent review of the decision that says O’Malley can’t stand for re-election at the next council elections. Clapham Town Labour group members consider her deselection was unjust (as do many local residents).

Now, looking at the current discussion taking place regarding councilor O’Malley’s statement about Lambeth council’s appalling policy of ridding the borough of Housing Co-ops, who should we believe?

Do you believe the councilor who the pleb members are supporting (against the wishes of The Party) or the councilor who has (possibly illegally) tried to get The Party to usurp the decision of the pleb members?

Not a difficult choice.

Go ‘Malley.

Please note, I have a problem with the spelling of ‘councilor’ or is that ‘councillor’?  I can never remember which is correct,  I’ll just use both then.