Will the 2 Charmain Lodges Please stand up

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Since getting two different eviction dates, Charmain Lodge has now received notification of two different appointments at Olive Morris House (but why does she even have to go there at all, seeing as she’s repeatedly given Lambeth stacks of requested paperwork?). Actually, I say Olive Morris House, but that’s just an assumption… neither text actually says where Charmain is supposed to go to!

The thing about the two appointments though is – one is MID-MORNING (very civilised), whilst the other is at MID-NIGHT (very spooky, though technically, I suppose it’s at 23.55, not midnight, because they want her there 5 minutes early).

Oh dear, there seems to be something even odder than usual going on in LaLa Lambeth’s Housing department. There’s a definite sense of symmetry to their actions, but what they’re doing is simply surreal.

Will Charmain eventually end up with two homes? Will Lambeth ever get to grips with anything?

Watch out for the next nail-biting episode of :