Lambeth council’s callous eviction of a vulnerable adult – sign petition, please

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Please sign this petition:

CL is a vulnerable adult. Her social workers say so, her doctors say so, her neighbours say so, her solicitor says so. But Lambeth council doesn’t agree.  As far as Lambeth council is concerned, she’s as well equipped as anyone else to deal with being evicted from her home of more than a decade (of course, that begs the question how well any of us are equipped to be thrown out of our homes of many years?).

What did CL do to be evicted? She lives in a housing co-op property that Lambeth wants to sell at public auction. So, as you can see, she’s an enemy of society, an urban terrorist… she lives in a co-op house, for goodness sake.

One of the most horrifying aspects of the situation that CL has found herself in, is Lambeth’s inability to confirm the date of her eviction…

Yes, you read that right, Lambeth seem to have a choice of eviction dates, will she be thrown out on the street tomorrow, 10th September? Or will she be turfed into the gutter next Thursday, the 19th September?

Emails come thick and fast from various officers at the council, both dates bandied around with gay abandon, but nobody can make up their minds which date it’s going to be.

CL is on shed loads of medication, her anxiety is measurable on the Richter scale, but does Lambeth give a toss? No, silly.

The Medical Review Team awarded her medical points for rehousing, obviously acknowledging specific medical needs.

But when CL recently wrote an email to the council asking for her eviction be reviewed, everything she wrote about her medical situation was systematically dismissed by the same person who initially awarded the  medical points. CL was told her medical needs were unexceptional

Are Lambeth council officers malicious? Are they incompetent? They’re certainly anything but consistent.

We’ve recently heard about an autistic man whose rent wasn’t fully covered by his direct debits. Obviously an admin error, rather than a sophisticated scam… you’d think.

Lambeth took him to court and got an eviction order (the bloke didn’t understand the process and didn’t have legal representation in court). From what I’ve heard, he left court not understanding that he’d lost the case and would be homeless.

He has now gone missing. He hasn’t turned up at work, his friends haven’t seen him, his family haven’t heard from him and his home has been repossessed and cleared of his possessions.  WHERE IS HE?