Lambeth council about to deprive taxpayers of yet another Housing Co-op property

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

22 Lillieshall Road, SW4 is being sold at public auction tomorrow.

Another Co-op home, recently emptied of it’s residents of 35 years, is about to be sold.

Will this house join the ranks of the other Clapham Old Town Housing Co-op homes that are being tarted up and sold by developers? Listed and un-modernised, perfect for proper restoration, but will probably be torn apart and turned into something that could have come from an upmarket Ikea.

Will it end up as yet another gutless, chi-chi, desirable cottage? Rented out for stupid money, populated by transient ‘young professionals’, no longer part of a vibrant community but just another (very small) dormitory dwelling for people with more money than sense?

The homogenisation of Clapham Old Town is continuing apace.

Are you well-off? Do you crave a bit of ‘alternative’ culture? Love urban history?

Stay away then, idiots! You’re the reason the developers are moving in and clearing communities of anything, ever-so slightly, un-beige.