19 & 22 lillieshall Road, SW4 cleared of poor people, ready for auction to rich people.

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Two more houses in Lillieshall Road, SW4 have been emptied and are, at this very moment (judging by the noise) being cleared ready for auction (that’s auction, not action).

Will Lambeth insist that listed building planning applications be submitted before work starts, or will they let the work go ahead, while the new owner applies retrospectively… after doing whatever they want (this has just happened on 21 Lillieshall Road, I’ll blog the details in a while).

Why does Lambeth bother with this ‘listed building’ charade? The council doesn’t police applications that have been approved, and they seem completely relaxed about work that goes ahead without permission having even being applied for.

Are Lambeth employing Ad Hoc or Camelot or other expensive ‘guardians’, as they often do (Rushcroft Rd, the most recent example) or are they leaving them empty?

Look out for planning applications on 19 & 22 Lillieshall, they’ll be filtering through soon. If you don’t see anything, rest assured, the planning department has shut it’s eyes, and put it’s hands over it’s ears, again.