Rushcroft Road eviction, Brixton. How legal was it, Lambeth?

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

In a recent letter to Sue Foster, Lambeth Big Cheesey and (suspected) arch architect of Lambeth’s ‘Urban Poor Clearance Programme’, the following questions were put forward:

1.  Why were the evictions carried out by High Court Eviction Officers when the judgement for possession, and an eviction warrant, would surely have been granted at County Court and, as such, County Court Bailiffs empowered to undertake the evictions?

2.  In an interview on BBC London news, Peter Robbins said that “the squatters and others would have been aware of the impending eviction” because the council had won possession over a year before”. Were you yourself aware of  ‘others’ and could you possibly clarify what is being inferred? If the ‘others’ were former Short-Life co-op members who still occupied their homes and were evicted, wasn’t Article 8 breached by your actions?

3.   Are you willing to take responsibility for the actions of the Police, for their allowing HCEOs to assault occupiers and protesters that were present, as was shown on the BBC London news report? Both the Police and HCEOs were undertaking the council’s direct request to physically repossess the properties.

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