Protecting buildings, North/ South (London) divide – compare & contrast

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

It’s great to see that Camden protects their old buildings with such vim and vigour!

Contrast this with the situation in Lambeth 😦

The late unpleasantness in Rushcroft Road, Brixton, on Monday morning, demonstrated Lambeth council’s forceful intent to wrest housing from local residents, in order to flog it to developers (though, arguably, it was the residents who received the flogging), developers who then rip the guts out of our architectural heritage and make a mega-packet in the process.

Lambeth’s planning department seems to merrily hand out planning approval to any old application scribbled on the back of an envelope (a nice, thick envelope?), no matter what irreversible damage is inflicted on our listed buildings. This is in total contrast to Camden’s zero-tolerance policy.

In Camden, at University College London, you can see that the Police take criminal damage to buildings very seriously indeed. She used CHALK for goodness sake, it’s definitely criminal! Blinking heck, that student was behaving like a terrorist, we don’t know what sort of dangerous materials she had in her possession, she could have had anything, it’s outrageous, it’s criminal, it’s the way they do things in Camden.

Now look at Lambeth’s bailiffs, those are the ones in the little black hats, kicking the wooden doors and windows in… we need Camden’s Police down here, quick smart, they’d sort out those para-para-military architectural desecrators.

Lambeth are selling us down the Swanee in return for favours curried from developers and consortiums. The favours? hmmm, watch them climb those slippery poles, see them collect their ‘gongs’, check their coats for secret pockets on the way out.

Hey! Good idea! Can we do a swop? We get Camden’s Police and UCL students get Lambeth’s bailiffs?

Then things’d be different… the bailiffs could help the students inflict some serious damage on that undeserving wall, meanwhile in Brixton, Camden’s Police could help us haul Lambeth council to court for their crimes against buildings and residents. Sorted.