Lambeth council… logic, wot logic?

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Rachel Sharpe, on being questioned about the number of void properties Lambeth has, said it was ‘very few’, less than a hundred. That’s probably more than the number of ‘Shortlife’ properties left, then.

When questioned about the possibility of selling the void properties and keeping the co-op properties, with residents in-situ, Sharpe said that Lambeth needs to sell off the co-op houses so that the voids can be done up to provide housing for people off the waiting list… err’ that is, amongst others, the people being evicted from the co-op houses.

So, Lambeth’s cunning plan is to:

  1. Evict the Co-op residents
  2. Put Co-op residents on the waiting list
  3. Sell off the Co-op properties
  4. Refurb the voids with the money raised by selling the Co-op homes
  5. Fill the refurbed voids with ‘Shortlifers’ who have been evicted from their Co-op homes or
  6. Fill the refurbed voids with people on the waiting list who have been displaced by the ‘Shortlifers’ who’ve been rehoused.
  7. Destroy communities; cause major physical and emotional problems as a result of this stressful situation; get another OBE; become an MP; attract lots of overseas investment with the majority of the cost being borne by the poorest people in the borough.

Talk about going round the houses…

According to Occam’s razor then (which says the simplest explanation is the most likely) I think Lambeth council must be short of work. They seem so intent on making things as complicated as possible.

I suppose any other reading of the situation would suggest they’re either: engaging in corrupt practices; mind bogglingly inefficient or simply after hard cash, no matter how they get it.

The profound absence of logic being employed by council officers, is frustrating. The profound absence of compassion is very, very depressing.

One good thing though, I do love it when they open their mouths and speak, it’s so entertaining.