Still no answer to the Freedom of Information Request re: Medical Review Team

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Still no answer to the Freedom of Information request – Qualifications of Housing Medical Review Team – so an ‘internal review’ of the reason for the delay has been requested.

Of course, a Medical Review Team that disregards the plight of those barely able to walk, or lacking the function of essential limbs, or depressed to the point of paralysis, needs it’s own review anyway, doesn’t it?

Who are Lambeth’s Medical Review Team? The names Veronica Ndoro and Barbara Stones seem to appear regularly on the bottom of the letters that tell us we’re absolutely fine, nothing to worry about, grin and bear it, cheer up love… but who are they? Are they qualified to dismiss the opinions of GPs and hospital consultants? Please reply soon, the suspense is killing us.