Lambeth temporarily suspends Jimmy Rogers’ eviction – good oh!

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

After a couple of days of high activity, we’ve finally seen written confirmation that Jimmy’s eviction is suspended, for now.

This doesn’t stop Lambeth’s attempts to evict other co-op residents though and it doesn’t mean they’ll not try and evict Jimmy again.

Be aware – Jimmy is not the only co-op resident in their 60s or 70s being threatened with eviction by Lambeth council.

I’m very very very pleased that Jimmy can relax again for a while, but the suspension of his eviction raises questions about the predictable inconsistency (oxymoron alert) of Lambeth council’s behaviour…

  • Why wouldn’t Lambeth council allow Karina and John Blackhurst a month’s suspension of eviction so that their daughter could sit her ‘A’ levels? The Blackhursts had already agreed to leave their home, so why weren’t they given the month’s respite they’d requested?
  • (Deep breath) Why did Peter Robbins and Nigel Haseldene tell AC his eviction was suspended, but then renege on the suspension assurance so that when AC returned home from court, he found himself locked out by the bailiffs (who had obviously been sitting outside the house, waiting for a nod from Lambeth’s solicitors and Devonshires)?   Peter Robbins’ excuse being that he’d got his evictees mixed up – he thought he was suspending someone else’s eviction (whose?!).    Devonshires were much more direct, or misleading (depending on how cynical you’ve grown), they told the judge that AC’s supposed suspension was invalid ‘cos Peter Robbins didn’t even have the authority to suspend an eviction, only Sue Foster could do that.
  • Over and over again, the same old question, who calls the shots at Lambeth council?   From what I’ve heard, it’s not Derrick Anderson CBE, Chief Executive of Lambeth council… he was sidelined in discussions quick sharp, after behaving too reasonably.