Selling properties by ‘informal tender’ is less transparent, more wibbly wobbly bathroom window-ish

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Is it just me, or does the term ‘informal tender’ feel a little bit icky? (as in the following Freedom of Information request)

Q.  Who purchased Ranger Mansions, 25 Jasper Road, SE19.  Answer. London Green Limited

Q.  How much was paid for Ranger Mansions?    Answer.  £1,505,000

Q.  How (i.e. auction) was Ranger Mansions sold?    Answer.  Informal tender

I’m sure Lambeth said public auction was the order of the day for all ‘Shortlife’ sales.

I must sit down and write out the story of the Ranger Mansions evictions – including the illegal eviction of one ‘Shortlife’ resident, his subsequent ‘rehousing’ in an hotel and his inability to get registered as disabled and in priority housing need, even though he hasn’t got functioning hands…  that reminds me, where has the Freedom of Information request, re: the qualifications of Lambeth’s Housing Medical Review Team, got to – it’s weeks overdue?