Sue Foster’s Hackney Mafia forcing the eviction of Lambeth residents

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Sue Foster, ‘place shaper’ extraordinaire, steamed through Hackney pushing out the locals and making space for the developers. At the moment she’s in Lambeth and it’s a re-run of her Hackney gentrification process.

She’s recently brought in Simon Matthews, ex-hackney councilor and dodgy hatchet man. Try and negotiate buying your home and you have to deal with Foster & Matthews concocting inflated prices out of thin air, the borough valuers don’t get a look in. The situation is mind bogglingly filthy.

Lambeth’s councilors are generally too gutless to stand up against this onslaught, and if they do try and make a stand then they get deselected… witness Helen O’Malley’s disgusting treatment at the hands of the Clapham Town Labour Party.

They seem to want to keep Lambeth residents in check, ghettoise the low waged, free up street properties for developers, landlords and speculators, and they want everyone to toe some invisible line.

Lib Peck, pull yourself together.

What is Sue Foster’s agenda? What was she asked to do? Who asked her to do it?

What line does Clapham Town Labour Party, toe?

Bottom line… where is the money going?

Say goodbye to democracy, or protest against the betrayal of ordinary Lambeth residents by a Lambeth council that’s slavishly enthralled to some ‘behind-the-scenes’ corporate interests.