Jimmy Rogers, Brixton Basketball hero, being evicted on Wednesday

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Lib Peck and Lambeth council’s morally bankrupt eviction of Lambeth housing co-op residents steamrollers on, next in line is Jimmy Rogers, a global legend in basketball circles.

Jimmy is in his seventies, community minded, responsible, and an integral part of Brixton life. He’s been in his home since the early 1980’s.

Lambeth want to move him out so that property developers and speculator landlords can move in.

Here’s a letter that’s just been written to Hugh Robertson, the Minister for Sport:

Dear Mr Robertson

I’m writing to you, as Minister for Sport and Tourism, to draw your urgent attention to the plight of Jimmy Rogers, manager of Brixton TopCats Basketball Club.
Jimmy has been living in a Lambeth Council owned, co-operative house in Brixton for more than 30 years.  Lambeth Council are evicting him on Wednesday 3rd July at 10.50am, as part of their sell-off of all their so called “short-life” properties.  Kate Hoey MP knows more detail about Jimmy’s pending eviction.  This man is over 70 years old and Lambeth Council are about to force him out of his home of more than 30 years and move him away from the community where everyone knows him and he knows everyone.  This is home, his place of safety.  
Since he moved into his house in the early 1980s, Jimmy has shown as much care and responsibility towards his home as he has for the young people of Brixton.  He was licenced to live there by Lambeth Council, he has maintained and repaired his home over a period of 30 years, with no help from Lambeth.  Lambeth promised a full consultation on their short-life housing co-ops, but this failed to materialise. If consultations had been carried out, there would have been a resounding objection to Lambeth’s plans to disrupt these communities in such a heartless and ill-considered fashion, one of the results of which is Jimmy’s pending eviction.
Here are a just a few of many similar quotes about Jimmy and what he has done for sport and young people……
“The clubs’ founder, owner and General Manager, Jimmy Rogers is recognised as a community leader and is respected globally in basketball circles. The club has been placing players into educational institutions for over 20 years both in the USA and England, and is proud of its alumni who have been successful both on and off the court.”
“Founded by living legend Jimmy Rogers, commonly known as the ‘Godfather’ of London basketball”
“Brixton TopCats is a cornerstone of the local community and has impacted on the lives of thousands of inner city children in the last quarter century. The current development programme attracts over 200 juniors every week and has strong links with local schools and an official partnership with London South Bank University.”
Please, I urge you to intervene and stop Jimmy’s pending eviction.
Yours sincerely

Suzie Robertson

Write to Lib Peck, Derrick Anderson, Hugh Robertson the Minister for Sport, and anyone else you can think of.

Stop Lambeth council’s eviction of Housing Co-op residents.

Here’s some info on Jimmy –