Final day to object to gentrification of Clapham cottage 12 Lillieshall

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Today is the final day for submitting official objections to the planning application on 12 Lillieshall Road, SW4. The planning officer dealing with this, Felicity Rose, said she would accept comments up until the day a decision would be made (15th July) but I guess ‘comments’ aren’t official objections?

The final date for objections keeps changing, not sure why, but it seems to be something to do with where/ how the planning notice was advertised. Anyhow, today is the very very last ‘official’ day, according to Felicity Rose.

The points of objection, for me anyway, are:

  • the addition of an ‘infill’ (that is, broadening the width of a narrow rear extension, thus completely changing the outline of the house. A similar plan having previously been denied for #18 Lillieshall).
  • excavating under the whole of the back of the house (to make a ‘basement office’), whereas the original cellar only extends under part of the existing hallway. This would change the character of the house and increase the resale value (yes, I realise that’s the point of the exercise), thus pricing out people on average wages from the area
  • erecting metal railings where there have only ever been wooden fences (unwarranted external ‘gentrification’).
  • Complete redesign of the ground floor dining room, kitchen extension, wc. This destroys the original design and construction of the ground floor of the house.
  • failure to specify use of lime in all building work. Lime was originally used for mortar, plaster and render, rather than Portland cement. The use of lime alleviates many of the damp problems these cottages experience
  • The dpc specified in the application would likely be unnecessary if lime was the primary construction material used throughout the house
  • failure to specify the retention of the original wooden wainscotting in the hallway and stairway and above the stairs (The panelling behind the hardboard in the hallway will be the original wainscotting, this is unlikely to be folding window shutters, as suggested)
  • failure to specify protection of the habitat of the Stag beetles that live in the back gardens of the row of cottages
  • The gentrification of this house, and other cottages nearby, make these homes completely unaffordable to the majority of the population of London. Lambeth council CPO’d these houses to provide affordable housing for council tenants. The unnecessary sale, and subsequent gentrification of these properties, effectively precludes people on an average wage from buying these homes. The approval of this application will continue the economic displacement of working people from this area of Clapham. Lambeth’s approval of these major alterations increase the economic displacement of people, initially undertaken by Lambeth council’s eviction of the long-term housing co-op occupants

Erection of a ground floor single storey rear and side-return extension, excavation at basement level to form a habitable room and installation of a new steel railing fence to the front elevation. Internal works include replacement and instalation of new stairs to the basement, extractor flue fitted to ground floor chimney wall. (Town Planning and listed building consent)

12 Lillieshall Road London SW4 0LP

Ref. No: 13/02084/FUL | Received: Sun 19 May 2013 | Validated: Mon 20 May 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration