Lambeth Planning – listed building application approved before consultation ends

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Hey, Lambeth Planning department are not only stunningly unconcerned about many of the listed buildings in the borough, they’re also clairvoyant.

The planning application for 10 Lillieshall Road, SW4, the application to turn a listed 2 up, 2 down worker’s cottage into a  luxury, modern, luxurious, state of the art, luxury, lip smacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, good buzzing, cool walking, high talking, fast living, ever giving, luxury….. 3 storey house (pause for breath) has been approved, a week before the consultation period was supposed to end (according to the letter I received from the Planning Department).

How do they do it?

As is so often the case with Lambeth council at the moment, they know what the results of consultations will be before they actually end – Amazing!

Be amused, be appalled, be outraged… sit in on a Housing Scrutiny meeting, hear about the consultations that end 12 hours before the Developers turns up.