Major unapproved building work on listed house 21 Lillieshall, SW4

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Yesterday, I saw piles of rubble bags being put into a skip outside 21 Lillieshall Road. I thought they’d been sorting the drains out, I’ve got no problem with that, lol, but it turns out they’d been pulling walls down.

Today, A Wickes lorry pulled up and off-loaded pallets of cement (what, not lime?), then scaffolding arrived.

A Grade 2 listed building in the Clapham Conservation area, one of the few examples left of Georgian worker’s cottages in Clapham Old Town, but, as usual, Lambeth Planning are conspicuous by their absence.

Please contact the head of Lambeth Planning Department, Doug Black ( and complain about the lack of oversight that’s leading to the irreparable  damage being done to these beautiful, modest, homes.  If nobody does anything, it’ll be ripped apart then kitted out in MDF wainscotting and recessed halogens, like the cottage a couple of doors down from #21 – also ignored by Lambeth council.