Eviction, Sale then Gentrification of Co-operative housing in Lambeth

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

There’s a planning application in for number 10 Lillieshall Road, SW4. The consultation process is about to end, please read this and then put in an objection.


Number 10 is a grade 2 listed building, part of a listed group and in the Clapham Conservation area.

However, this makes no difference to Lambeth planning… just say the right things in your planning application, get approval, then do whatever you want because Lambeth planning doesn’t bother enforcing anything.

If you’re quick, take down the pink planning application notice as soon as it’s been put up, then the neighbours won’t be able to object anyway.

The sale of ‘Shortlife’ housing in Lambeth is creating a goldrush for developers, our homes are largely un-modernised, the holy grail of the slash and burn brigade. They buy our homes, put in some sympathetic plans, get approval then rip the houses to shreds.

8 Lillieshall Rd went on about the ‘missing’ fireplaces that had to be replaced, no mention of the fact that the fireplaces were in the house when it was sold, they were there until the builders took them out. Neighbours salvaged some original joinery and a fireplace from a heap of ‘rubbish’ left outside by the builders. Lambeth was informed, but ignored the fact that the owner lied in the planning application and has been disposing of original architectural materials from this listed building.

Number 5 Lillieshall Road, another listed cottage, has had the original extension demolished. Original joinery thrown out. There wasn’t even notification of the planning application on public display, so the neighbours didn’t realise what was happening, the application was approved without a fight.

Number 15 Lillieshall Road pulled out the original, sound, joinery and replaced with new. They took the original wainscotting out and put MDF back in. Lambeth planning show no interest at all.

Lambeth planning seems to be, deliberately, allowing the irreversible development of these buildings. Why?

Is planning approval and lax enforcement a perk being offered by Lambeth council, to private buyers, simply to get as much cash in as quickly as possible?