Lambeth, the cooperative council. Discuss

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

I’m in my 50′s, disabled and virtually housebound. No longer able to work, I exist on sickness benefits, but it’s hardly a LIFE.
My neighbours of 30+ years are my support, they are my lifeline to the rest of the world.

Lambeth council are trying to evict me from the housing co-op home I’ve lived in since 1980.
Due to family circumstances, this is the only real home I’ve known, so obviously I’m fighting Lambeth’s attempts to force me, and my neighbours, into housing scattered all over the borough.

Much of the re-housing they offer is in poor structural condition and/or vermin-infested. Lambeth are trying to move us into much much worse housing than we live in currently (though they will deny this, of course… every complaint we make is off-handedly rejected).

I’ve been an active member of my co-op for almost 35 years, a responsible member of the community, but it all means nothing to Lib Peck, Pete Robbins and the bean counters at Lambeth council.

Apart from my personal circumstances, many of our homes are 1830′s Grade 2 listed buildings, but Lambeth council is allowing developers free rein to alter these properties without enforcing the listed building requirements, despite objections from residents and the local historical society.

Our communities are being shattered and the few buildings left in our area that are still architecturally original (co-op housing, maintained by us, with no support from Lambeth), are being ripped apart and turned into characterless boxes ready for an over-priced private rental market.

It’s a pity ordinary people with ordinary lives are not afforded as much consideration as the developers to whom Lambeth are selling our homes, and to whom they’re GIVING AWAY Brixton Town Hall.

Lambeth council should be ashamed of themselves.

Members of the co-operative party should be questioning exactly what’s going on in the borough of Lambeth.