Almost silent protest Tonight 6.45pm Brixton Town Hall

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

The Housing Scrutiny committee are having a meeting tonight , starting at 7pm in Room 8.

Meet outside the main entrance to Brixton Town Hall at 6.45pm.

We want the Scrutiny Committee to know that the eviction of Housing Co-op residents, and the destruction of Co-operative communities, is  being challenged.

We want to let them know we’ve had threats of eviction hanging over us for 20 years!

Council officers have been feeding misinformation to councillors and courts, we need to make our opinions, and our history, known.


Bring a foldable, or rollable, poster / sign with you, with something short and snappy and personal written on it, we don’t have a voice otherwise.

Practically, probably best if it’s nothing too obscene… more effective to sit in the meeting and have our ‘say’ than be thrown out and get to ‘say’ nothing?