Lambeth Council wrecks Shortlife homes and lives

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

Please see below (Paolino is a Portuguese chap who lived in a caravan on their driveway)

I have just walked past 121 Park Hill.
It has really shocked me to see the state of the front garden
Paolino’s caravan has been broke n into.
He asked for extra time to move it and they said no – it has been left in the drive-way and rampaged.
The shed door has been kicked open, stuff strewn into the garden#
Our papers that were bagged up school work and kids stuff ripped open and furniture, matresses fridges just chucked and left.
It is a disgrace a shock and a humilliation that we were chased out only to see the debris of our lives left out the front for all to see.
If this is a refection of how our home is left, why were we chased out? What was the rush,
I am appalled and angry, and am going to call ben (morgan at SLP) and ask him to take pictures.
It cannot go by unnoticed.
I feel physically sick
Put this on a blog please.