Housing Scrutiny Sub-Com this Thurs 7pm

by More Street Cleaning and less Social Cleansing, please

This Thursday, Housing  Scrutiny has an agenda item updating progress on the Council’s Housing Strategy, curiously omitting any reference to ambitions towards cooperative models of housing.

There is a section about shortlife:
The shortlife programme is ongoing. Between 2012-2013 LBL
sold 26 complete houses (3 to Notting Hill Housing Group, the
remainder via auction), 7 individual flats within houses and 2
blocks of flats (containing 21 individual flats). The capital
receipt generated by this came to £23m. Former shortlife
occupants were offered permanent councilhousing, the
overwhelming majority being accepted although some former
short life occupants made their own arrangements for housing.
Very few occupants were actually evicted: most had been rehoused
or vacated prior to any eviction taking place and in all
cases a final direct offer, which met the needs of the individual
household, was offered before the final eviction date.
Turn up on Thursday and contribute to the discussion on this?


Thursday 9 May 2013 7.00 pm, Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee

Venue: Room 8, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW. View directions
Contact: Wayne Chandai, Tel: 020 7926 0029, Email:  wchandai@lambeth.gov.uk